Learn from our delighted clients why we are known as the Home of Super Service!

“We took a little test drive. We saw this boat at the New York City Boat Show. It definitely was the winner for the show and it ran great! We came back, docked very smoothly and we are good to go!


"Brian Hyland was excellent, very helpful, and in tune to our needs and wants... When we came across an issue, he helped us solve it immediately.”

Jennifer S.

Strongs has been terrific, very professional, and always helpful.

Loreto G.

We are new members of the boat club and are thoroughly enjoying it!

Tammy S

In 2014 purchased my first Cruisers Yacht, a 27 8 SS, which was a bow rider. It was a great choice because my family was young and the kids enjoyed being pulled on the tube and going out mooring, swimming with friends, and taking other families out on the boat. We had that boat for a year, but then we went to a boat show where we saw the Cruisers 328 SS. The kids were no longer interested in tubing and wanted to take longer trips. We saw a demo that Mr. Strong had and decided to buy one fresh from the factory floor. It turned out to be the best decision I've ever made. We often take the family on trips, such as going to Block Island for a couple of days and then headed to Montauk for a few more days. The boat is very comfortable, with two state rooms and two full baths, perfectly suited to our needs. It has all the amenities necessary for a comfortable trip. Most of the time, it's just my wife and me, so the size is perfect. Additionally, the boat's size allows us to access most slips, even when larger boats struggle to find accommodations. We always receive compliments on the boat's beauty when we dock, and we feel the same way. The helm area is comfortable, easy to navigate and offers excellent visibility. The large windshield ensures there are no blind spots, or obstructions and the sunroof allows me to feel connected with the elements when it's open. If the weather worsens, I can close everything up and drive in the comfort of the living room. It's a great feeling, and we've been in situations where we stayed dry and enjoyed a smooth cruise. We've had countless memorable trips with the family, including a recent one to the Strong's Rendezvous in Newport, Rhode Island. The weather was beautiful, and the trip was enjoyable both ways. Overall, the experience of owning a Cruisers Yachts has been overwhelmingly positive.

David K

I'm writing to compliment [Sales Consultant] Stefan [Kubacka] on a job well done. He sold me my first boat (Cobalt R8), and I couldn't be happier. We met at the Tobay Boat Show last summer, and from start to finish his service has been top-notch. He has been attentive, responsive, and true to his word. In a world filled with complaints and criticisms, I thought you'd like to [read] some praise. This is my first boat, but I'm certain it won't be my last. I look forward to working with you guys for years to come. Thanks for everything!

Todd R.

Everything has been awesome, I absolutely love the boat… have gotten significantly better with operating it.. I have had a 10/10 experience with Strong’s Marine.

Stephen Z.

Service Dept has been wonderful and very accommodating and responsive… During one of the storms over the Summer, they came to pick our boat up to ensure it was in a safe place.

William K.

The Team at Strong’s was excellent in regard to working with us to take care of the issue with our boat.

Chris F.

Love the boat and Strong’s has been great.

Douglas H.

Everything and everyone was great, it’s new and beautiful, it has everything I need to enjoy being out on the water

Tallyann B.

I have no questions on the boat and anything that pops up is always handled quickly. As a first-time boat owner, I have many more questions than someone more experienced and my team of Tami and Rachel have been tremendous. Tami was my introduction to Strong's when I joined the Boat Club in 2020. Since that point Tami and I have developed a friendship and she was instrumental in helping me understand all aspects of boat ownership. When I ultimately made the decision to buy a boat Tami introduced me to Rachel. Rachel was incredibly knowledgeable, very thorough, and immensely helpful in the process. Never once did I feel any type of pressure or hard sale by Rachel. She simply answered questions promptly and diligently. Rachel also became my advocate with Regal when our build-slot was delayed by a few months. I'm still not entirely sure how she pulled this off, but in a world where there are delays and supply chain constraints, Rachel was able to get the boat delivered earlier than originally stated. My family is on the water right now because of the extra care and work she put in on our behalf. I can also cite that Rachel did a lot of extra homework for my daughter Serena. She is in a wheelchair and Rachel helped us research various seatbelts to keep her in place on the boat. Once my family decided on the seatbelt best for Serena, then Rachel worked with service to have it installed. Simply put she went above and beyond and this is not something I will forget.

Anthony B.

Strong’s is amazing, great service, family feeling.

Robert B.

Strong’s is top notch every step of the way.

Michael N.